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  • What I Wish Everyone Knew About Property Valuer

    I do have a couple questions about some upgrades in the kitchen.Oh yeah, that’s great. If you have new appliances or finishings,you always want to update that because you may have inadequate coverage.Let’s go take a look.Okay, great.Well, we recently had new countertops put in.This is a great example of an improvement that can reallybe important at the time of loss for a homeowner, and here’s whyoftentimes, homes are built with standard grade finishes, and over timeyou may do a replacement or you may do an upgrade to semi-custom or custom.

    In that case, you would need to re-estimate the replacement cost of those finishingsso you had adequate coverage at the time of loss.So even my bathrooms would have some improvements.Oh, sure. You’re going to want to list all the improvements you do with your agent every year.You know, like upgrades to your fixtures or your sauna.Wow.

    We did take the sink that was in here and we installed it in the basement,and then we made our basement into a rec room.Congratulations, that’s an upgrade, Megan.Thank you. Making property valuation updates to your home like finishing your basement or your atticor structural improvements to your home can all have implicationson your homeowners insurance policy.

    You’re going to want to make sureyou bring that to the attention of your agent, and then,for example, on your basement you finished, should you have water backupthrough the drain or the sump pump give out, you could have water damage down there,and you’d want to have an optional coverage called Water Backup.

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    The next important myth is that gardens and backyards have only limited impact on the value of the property. This again is only half true. Today’s Property Valuation Sydney in particular attach lot of importance to the quality of gardens and backyards and it could impact the value of homes by quite a few thousands of dollars. Quite often we come across the myth that bank valuations are always on the conservative and lower side. This again is a myth because valuations are not done by bank staffs but by qualified and certified valuers.

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